The ability to buy a bike hire will enable you to instantly realize a dream, not to save the necessary amount of a few warm summer months, that quickly fly past. Minimum documents, worries and time.

What documents are required to get a loan?

To obtain the loan you need only a passport and a smile!

What will be the initial contribution?

Our partner offers a wide selection of different loan products.
You can always choose the best for you.
Buy when you want, and pay when you can!

Where a loan is issued?

Credit is issued directly to velosalone BIKESHOP.

Where the loan is paid off?

The loan can be repaid at any office Microinvest and EasyCredit.

For how long the loan is issued?

The loan is issued for a period of 6 to 36 months.

How long will the execution of the loan?

As long as you drink your coffee in our small living room, your credit will be issued.

Become the owner of a quality bike and open up new horizons!